Training and consultancy in intra-organisational Collaboration Performance (CP) and inter-organisational collaboration


A new paradigm in Collaboration Performance

Combining system dynamics, sociology, social psychology and a new collaboration interaction model and the development of practical CP insights and applications created a new paradigm that goes beyond the self-organisation hype.

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Inter-organisational collaboration between enterprises

Collaboration Performance (CP) Design and Management

Collaboration Performance increases productivity growth, makes your company more agile and improves job satisfaction.

Learn more about CP and its added value to make your organisation (re-)design fit for purpose.

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Collaboration is the interaction between two or more people or groups with the objective to reach, create or achieve something together with success.

The Collaboration Performance determines the effectiveness and the efficiency of an organisation.  

Our training and consultancy support management teams to implement CP design & management by means of a structured process with the objective to get things done and to create organisations in which also ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

The need for more effective and efficient collaboration is growing while the collaboration performance of most organisations is stagnating or even decreasing.

Our novel CP design and management approach provides new insights, concrete decision rules and tools for enterprises, non-profit and public organisations to strongly improve internal collaboration in terms of effectiveness and efficiency and to reduce collaborative work overload at the same time.

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Horizontal collaboration between enterprises can create strong competitive advantages for participating companies.  

With a large track record in supporting horizontal collaboration between enterprises our experts are well placed to support collaborative networks and initiatives.

Our services include initial assessments of the pros and cons, feasibility studies, partnership design and project management.

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Collaboration Performance

design & management

the capability to work well together
is the most important non-tangible asset
of a company!                                             we can help your organisation to strenghten this capability!

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