Erik van Agtmaal
Managing Partner

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Erik van Agtmaal is managing partner of Altimedes since 2007. He is an expert in system dynamics and in organisational sociology.

He has advised many horizontal collaboration projects between large enterprises in Belgium and the Netherlands and at a European level and co-developed the Collaboration Performance Management approach over the last two years.

He holds a master’s degree in sociology and studied at the University of Ghent (Belgium), the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Dutch Clingendael Institute.

Prior to consultancy he was with Christian Salvesen plc and Hays plc.

Erik van Agtmaal is a member of the System Dynamics Society and participates in a number of international working groups and EU funded projects where he presents on the subject of Horizontal Collaboration, CP management and sustainability.

Altimedes is a consultancy based in Belgium dedicated to the improvement of internal Collaboration Performance within teams and across teams and to the design and set-up of horizontal collaborative networks and collaborative clusters of enterprises.

We manage a team of analysts and senior organisational design and change managers with a background in different industries. We work for private and public clients in Europe.  

Altimedes coordinates the Knowledge Innovation Centre on Collaboration Performance Management and a network of affiliated CP management consultants and trainers.

Erik Mauquoi is partner in Altimedes since 2016 and an expert in Human Resources Management, change management and burn-out coaching.

He co-developed the Collaboration Performance Management approach using his expertise in the psychological aspects that make people collaborate or not, the impact of personality characteristics on the different types of collaboration and how to train managers to improve their skills in collaboration and in CP management.

Erik Mauquoi started Focus On You in 2010. Focus On You is a sole proprietorship of Erik Mauquoi that offers customized Human Resources services, including Recruitment & Selection and Job-, Outplacement & Burn-out Coaching.

Before he started as consultant and coach he worked as production manager for companies including De Standaard, Belgacom Directory Services, Group Joos and TNT Post, responsible for operations and several organisational change projects and mergers.

Altimedes Consulting,    Tel +32(0)24601730    info(at)altimedes.com

Erik Mauquoi

Rudi Vanhaeren

Rudi Vanhaeren is partner in Altimedes and management consultant with a strong international expertise in Change Management, Process re-engineering, location and work independent working and in Human Resources Management of large Mergers and ICT implementations.

Rudi has a master’s degree in Law from the Catholic University Leuven.

Prior to consultancy he was Director Organisation of the KBC Bank group, manager of a team of 40 organisation consultants and director finance procurement, HRM and Change management of the KBC group ICT department with more than 4000 employees in 6 countries including India.

Previously he worked as consultant and programme manager for the European Productivity Institute working for clients in several different sectors including Telecommunication, Electronics, Printing and the Bank & Insurance sector.

Email: erik.mauquoi(at)altimedes.com

Email: erik.van.agtmaal(at)altimedes.com

Email: rudi.vanhaeren(at)altimedes.com

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