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Collaboration Performance Management

Collaboration Performance Management is a novel management approach to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency and agility of an organisation by realising a much better collaboration between actors in an organisation.

Altimedes Consulting has developed the Collaboration Performance Management approach combining a robust theoretical framework with concrete decision rules, best practices and tools to fully understand and implement the CP management approach by means of a structured process.

Collaboration Performance Management is situation driven (the specific organisation in relation with its environment), systemic and includes a wide range of direct and indirect factors that influence the collaboration performance of an organisation.

CPM starts with a good situational knowledge in terms of different cause-effect relationships, followed by the identification of opportunities for improvement, the development of an action plan, the implementation and monitoring of progress.     

CP Management uses the Altimedes’ Comprehensive Systems Analysis Model to better analyse and understand the situation of an organisation, the dynamic collaborative interactions in an organisation and to support decision making on collaboration.  

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