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Our experts have supported and managed many successful horizontal collaboration projects, in the field of sustainability and of logistics and supply chains, for large companies, in the Netherlands, Belgium and at a European level.

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Creating competitive advantages by horizontal collaboration

Horizontal collaboration between enterprises can create significant competitive advantages or can be a requirement to realise common objectives such as in the field of sustainability.

On the other hand there are a number of important challenges to overcome.

There are always clear identifiable causes that will determine success or failure. These causes go beyond vague notions such as trust. Already at an early phase in horizontal collaboration initiatives we identify cause-effect relationships that will have an impact, sooner or later.

We help our clients to overcome challenges and to mitigate disadvantages by a better horizontal collaboration project design and management.

Our services include the initial assessments of the pros and cons at total collaborative network level and at the level of each participating enterprise, feasibility studies, multi-objectives and multi-stakeholder analysis, competition laws, system dynamics, collaborative network design and project management.


Horizontal Collaboration
Benefits and challenges

Horizontal Collaboration Benefits and Challenges - source: Altimedes